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Leiston Abbey

Ruins of Leiston AbbeyVia Aldringham we go a little more to the north. Close to the coast and just above Aldeburgh you can view the remains of Leiston Abbey. A public footpath through cornfields takes you to it. The ruins of the the transept and cloisters, and a restored Lady Chapel, are all that remains of what once was a monastery with a large abbey church. The order of Augustinian Canons, which was based here, were know as the White Canons after their white habits. As in Bury St. Edmunds the walls have been incorporated in new buildings: a vicarage (which is not open to the public), but also a big barn in which we heard music being made. We learnt later that Pro Corda, the national school for young chamber musicians, is based here.

A public footpath leads through cornfields from the road
to the ruins of Leiston Abbey.
Ruins of Leiston Abbey
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