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Bradfield, Suffolk

Interior of St Clare's church in Bradfield, Suffolk
St Clare's church in Bradfield, Suffolk

Upon our return from Bury St Edmunds we passed, one of the many small towns where you are not prepared for a surprise, and about which you find no informaton in tourist guides. And yet it has a very charming church dating back to 1313; you cannot tell how old it is from its looks. It is surrounded by a graveyard with a well kept lawn.

You would think that the church owes its name to a saint by the name of St Claire. However, this is not the case. The church is named after the St Clere family.

St Clare's te Bradfield, Suffolk

The roof and the transparent interior are full of light. The new furniture suggests that the church has been thoroughly refurbished recently.

Take note of the beautiful floor tiles; the blue carpet does not go that well with the interior, but one gets accustomed to bold combinations.

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