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Eye, Suffolk

St Peter and St Paul of Eye

We now move on to Eye. The "ey" in a name points to a location like an island, an element that is also found in the name of Ely. The island nature is probably the reason why William Malet, who was given the Honour of Eye by William the Conqueror, chose it as his seat. In the east there is the river Dove with its marshes, in other directions it was similarly marshland, so that it was easy to establish a stronghold that could be easily defended.

The castle ruin and its high walls is on a hill facing the church. Robert Malet, Robert's son, founded the Eye Priory of St Peter in 1071; it was connected to the Benedictine abbey of Bernay in Normonady. Remnants of the priory are to be found in Abbey Farm, less than a kilometer east of the church. The church of St Peter and St Paul dates from the fourteenth century; in the pictures that follow you can see for yourself why it is considered one of the finest churches in the county.

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