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About Butley, Suffolk, and about East Anglia

Those who do not know East Anglia: do read on, as we shall show you what a beautiful area of England this is, and we will also highlight briefly the relationship that has existed in the past centuries between East Anglia and the Low Countries across the North Sea.

East Anglia is an excellent holiday destination for people with an open eye for beautiful architecture, gardens, hanging baskets, beautifully preserved medieval churches surrounded by grass, stone walls, trees and old tombstones, a rolling terrain and the skies with that same quality of clear light that we are so familiar with in Holland. The weather is usually also better than in other parts of England, probably because the predominantly western winds have already shed their water before they arrive in this part of the country.

Tangham Campsite near Butley, Suffolk
Our camping site near Butley (Forest Camping Rendlesham,
Tangham Campsite, Butley, Suffolk.

The map of East Anglia disclosed that there were rivers. We therefore took our beautiful folding double kayak (Klepper Expedition) with us to paddle along them. This did not really work out. East Anglia had so much to offer that you could easily roam around for two weeks and find new attractive vistas, cities and villages. We did not do much paddling: with some difficulty we hit the water twice, once in Sudbury, and another time near Dedham.

We first explored East Anglia from our camping site near Butley. The spacious camping ground is particularly suited for caravan owners. We are of a different breed and prefer to camp in the wild; we were therefore quite happy to discover a more remote part of the camping ground that was in fact deserted probably because it was more or less part of the surrounding woods.

Butley Priory, now a hotel

Butley is about 30 km from Ipswich, between Woodbridge and Orford, which is on the North Sea coast.

Butley itself has the Butley Priory. It is the remains of an Augustinian Monastery founded in 1171. The building is a beautiful example of 14th century architecture. In days bygone it was the destination for many medieval pilgrims. It now serves as a hotel.

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The Priory at Butley

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