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Photography of shiny objects

For whom is this information intended ?

This information may be of use to experienced amateur photographers.

Do keep the following in mind :

What is the issue? - Often photographs of enamel work and jewelry are unsatisfactory. This is usually due to the fact that one overlooks that shiny objects reflect their environment. Anything in front, and in the case of three-dimensional objects next to it, is reflected by the object. Not only are our eye and brain capable of coping with greater contrasts than can be reproduced in a photograph, we also look at the scene with a focussed interest and unconsciously filter what is presented to us (we observe what we want or expect to see), whereas a photo camera simply records the scene.

Shiny objects reflect their environment.
Therefore see to it that the reflections contribute positively to the picture.

This simple observation is in fact the clue to the solution and the prevention of potential problems:

How to obtain a satisfactory result?

The most important factors are:

Only the photographer is capable of making a good photograph. The photo camera is merely a tool.

Required equipment

If you are after optimal results, consider the following:

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