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Lobosceliana Grasshopper
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Elephant Plains
Greater Kruger National Park

I saw this grasshopper while on safari in Elephant Plains, a part of the Greater Kruger National Park. It sat for quite a few minutes motionless on the ground, a few meters from the car I was in. Obviously one could not get out of the car, so I could not have a better look at it. All I could do was take a photograph from a distance with a high-powered lens. I suspected it was a member of the large family of Phasmatodeae, which include the stick and leaf insects. However, on the Kruger forum it was suggested to me that this was a member of the Pamphagidae family. I asked an expert who gave the final answer:

«The grasshopper in your photo is indeed a member of the family Pamphagidae. It is a female of the genus Lobosceliana (unfortunately, it would be impossible to tell which species of Lobosceliana based on a picture alone.) Species of this genus are highly sexually dimorphic, and while females are completely wingless, the males have long, leathery wings, and produce very loud stridulations.»

This is a good opportunity to point out the beauty of these insects. Do go and have a look at the weblinks suggested below, because you will see beautiful photographs.

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