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Wildlife in the Baviaanskloof

Female Kudu
Red Hartebeest suckling

Among the larger animals reportedly living in the Baviaanskloof wilderness area are the Baboon, Bushbuck, Bushpig, Cape Badger, Cape Buffalo, Cape Leopard, Cape Mountain Zebra, Eland, Grey Duiker, Klipdassie, Klipspringer, Kudu, Lynx, Mongoose, Mountain Hare, Mountain Rhebuck, Porcupine, Red Hartebeest, Vervet Monkey. The Eland and Cape Mountain Zebra have been reintroduced into the eastern part of the reserve.

In June 2007 I received the following message:

'Exciting news is that Black rhino were reintroduced in the Baviaanskloof. A few days ago 6 Rhino (3 males and 3 females) were released in the Rooihoek/Guerna/Elandsvlak area. This forms part of a national breeding program for this particular sub-species of which there are approximately only 200 still in existence in Southern Africa. The area where these animals were released is extremely suitable for this purpose. A few years ago the Cape Buffalo were reintroduced and released in the same area.'

As of late the killing of the Cape Leopard has been brought to a halt, and a conservation programme to catch these elusive animals and bring them to a protected area appears to be bearing fruit. See also recent sightings.

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