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Cableway in Baviaanskloof

Cableway at Baviaanskloof
View of the cableway at Kabel Bergplaatz, and the panoramic view that you enjoy after climbing up
the steep Combrinks mountain pass. The gentleman on the picture is our guide, Gary Robertson.

After travelling up the steep and very scenic Combrinks pass with its ancient cycads, fynbos and panoramic views one arrives at Bergplaas, a plateau with a backpackers hut. It is a starting point of various hiking trails.

A little further down the road is Kabel Bergplaatz, an interesting remnant of the time when this area was still farmed. Transport across the deep valleys was only possible by following a tortuous and time consuming road. Therefore one of the local farmers, Winston le Roux, built a cableway in 1961, powering it by a tractor engine. It transported farm produce and animals across the river. It bridged the deep Waterpoort and provided a link between the Enkelpoort and Bergplaas farming communities. The stainless steel cable was still in pristine condition when we saw it in Oct. 2005.

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