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Elephant Plains in Sabi Sand Wildtuin

Chacma baboons in Elephant Plains
Chacma baboons collecting food.

Elephant Plains - Among the activities which are much fun is the walk, guided by one of the very experienced guides. We took our walks with Rifos (you can see him leading the way). It is quite a good experience to be out of the car, in open nature, and not only look for signs of the big five (as if there is nothing else worth the while) but look at flowers, plants, the small creatures that inhabit the earth such as birds, ants, lizards and what have you. And wonder what talents you have lost when you try to beat your spotter who is always ahead of you.

On the right is an early morning picture of chacma baboons collecting food. On one of the walks we spotted an elephant family, probably heading for the water at the airstrip.

Bush walk in Elephant Plains Elephants walking in Elephant Plains
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